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Oil Pump Jack: The Essential Tool of the Petroleum Industry

In the vast world of the petroleum industry, pump jack stands as a vital piece of machinery, responsible for extracting crude oil from wells where pressure is insufficient to force the oil to the surface. Also known as donkey pumpers, nodding donkeys, and pumping units, this remarkable device is a testament to human ingenuity in meeting the challenges of extracting oil.

Pump jacks, also known as beam pumps, are the most common type of artificial lift used in the industry. They work by lifting the oil up through the wellbore using a reciprocating (up-and-down) or rotary (screw-type) motion. This motion is achieved using a beam that pivots on a pivot point, with one end connected to a sucker rod string and the other to a drive system.

The sucker rod string is a series of connected rods that extend down into the wellbore and connect to the plunger or pump at the bottom. As the beam lifts up, it pulls the sucker rod string and plunger up, drawing oil into the pump barrel. When the beam reaches the top of its travel, it then lowers, pushing the plunger down and forcing the oil out through the pump discharge line. This cycle is repeated continuously, gradually lifting the oil up to the surface.

Pump jacks are not only efficient but also cost-effective. They can be used in wells of various depths and configurations, making them highly versatile. The design of pump jacks has also evolved over time to incorporate modern technologies and materials, making them more durable and efficient than ever before.

How to choose oil pump jack ?

When choosing an oil pump jack, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, the pump size must be suitable for the depth and weight of the oil being extracted. Deeper wells generally require larger pump jacks, as they have to overcome the greater pressure at depth.

Power consumption is another important factor. Electric motor-driven sucker rod pumps have a rated power consumption, which can be measured by recording power consumption for one hour and dividing that number by the hour. This gives a more accurate representation of real-world power usage.

When choosing a pump jack, it is also essential to consider the manufacturer. Look for one with a certificate from the American Petroleum Institute (API), including the API 11E product certificate and the APIQ1 quality management system certificate. These certifications ensure that the manufacturer meets industry standards for quality and safety.

Other important factors to consider include productivity, quality control, delivery time, and after-sales service capability. Choose a manufacturer that can provide efficient and reliable service throughout the lifecycle of the pump jack.

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